Traditional Balsamic Vinegar

The Traditional Balsamic Vinegar

Forget cheap Balsamic Vinegar sold worldwide in supermarkets: with this Parma Golosa Gourmet Tour dedicated to Traditional Balsamic you can breathe (and taste) the original spirit of this product, a hidden gem into Emilia Romagna region gastronomy art since XII century.

Only grape juice, cooked and aged for many years into wood barrels to get a thick consistency and a complex and rich flavor. Process of production can length for more than 30 years in the acetaia, the vinegar room, where, with no temperature control, grape juice is converted into balsamic vinegar by a 100% natural process and no sugar added or extra flavouring.

acetaia medici
parmigiano e aceto balsamico
medici balsamic vinegar
Balsamic means something that helps your body to stay healty

In the past this vinegar were used as a traditional medicine, a syrup for the stomach, to improve digestion or to give more energy to sick people. A precious balm used by rich people: Today Traditional Balsamic is a unique dressing appreciated around the world for its balance between sour and sweet taste.

Family owned producer, with 120 years of history in wine and balsamic vinegar

With our Traditional Balsamic Tour you can visit a small, family owned producer, with 120 years of history in wine and balsamic vinegar production, keeping this ancient ritual alive belong a couple of centuries: after a brief introduction on the importance of balsamic vinegar for the food tradition of this corner of Italy, you have a full visit of the acetaia, feeling this characteristic and peculiar parfume all over the air and understanding this simple, but fascinating, process founded on time, passion and patience.

alessandra medici

With a final tasting you can feel the difference between the commercial version and the real stuff: different levels of aging means different texture and flavor, for a dressing that can be used from appetizer to dessert, to give a special touch to all your dishes.